Thursday, November 14, 2013

36 weeks 4 days

Phew.. We have almost made it little one. This week's been exhausting. 1 successful rescue, 1 failure, and little angel who came home last month, as a helpless little pup, starving with an eye injury that could have got infected with maggots , has kept mommy very busy. Yes, welcome to a family that will treat all creatures with the same respect & adoration & will not indulge in speciesism.You'll soon learn that this is the way of our crazy lives.
The good thing is mommy is super active, still takes Angel & Pushpa for walks . and an additional 30 min walk so she can be strong & prepared when you decide to arrive.
 Mommy finally made it to her official maternity leave date although she was tempted to give up midway. She stretched it by a cool 2 weeks longer than she anticipated. and she feels fine.
Aches & Pains have increased ofcourse but Mommy knows it's all the run up to the big day. She got a super cool hair cut just to feel better & jokes with dad that she wants to look good when you see her first. She knows you'll love her anyways & so will she. Her first tryst with unconditional love.
 Everyone asks her if she wants a boy or a girl. Some even wish her that she should have a boy. Mommy thinks it's extremely ridiculous. For those who wish for a boy, she replies by saying, she wants a girl. She loves the look on their faces when she says that. Mommy loves little girls, but she knows she's already in love with you, girl or boy.
We just want you to be healthy & happy.
Ajji is spoiling your mom rotten, by making super yum food. Ajja is getting your room all prepared. Dad is giving mommy foot massages every night even though mommy can tell he hates it. :) Dada & Dadi will move in with us once you're here. It's a big, loving (vegetarian) :p family with a few four legged friends Sam, Pushpa & Poopey that will embrace you & nurture you.
My first little note to you, just before we meet.
Hang in there sweetheart & Im in no hurry. Take your time, stay safe in your mommy for as long as you want & then when you think it's time, let us know in time to make it to the hospital. :)

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