Monday, November 18, 2013

10 things that made it all the more memorable.

1. The first time I heard my little bun's heart beat. Till then it didn't seem real, I didn't know if it was really happening. I wasn't as excited as they show in the movies when I saw the positive pregnancy test. But when I heard the heartbeat, as cliched as it may sound, I was irreversibly in love.
2. When I felt my tummy get firmer & rounder every morning when I woke up. Nobody except family knew and it felt like a secret.
3. I got a hike in my salary, days after my lil one made it's presence known. Do I call you my lucky charm?
4. We moved into our own little nest coz I had to travel to work. I did miss my lovely inlaws but I also cherished setting up home with the love of my life.
5. Things got moving along & I started getting clumsier. Id drop keys, pens, vessels and anything that Id hold. As harmless as it may sound, I ended up dropping a very hot lemon chai on J's  lap when we had all gone to chai point. He had a nasty burn & I was feeling guilty as hell. Avoided chai point after that experience. Silly I know.
6. Sleeping in as J woke up before me every single morning & I could hear him moving around, doing all the morning chores, taking the dogs for a walk, feeding them, cleaning up their nightly trysts with the loo. They say a husband who lets his wife sleep for a little longer is worth his weight in gold. ( in some pregnancy book). Mine definitely is. He might not have done the usual conventional things that to be dads do, but in his own way, made life very easy for me. I realised through the course of this pregnancy that I married one of the most unselfish humans in the world. It's not just me, it's the way he treats every single living creature around him. I love him more than I did before.
7. 24/7 access to my mommy's food. I ate well & always had a happy tummy thanks to her.
8. The fact that putting on 15 plus kgs didn't make me give a damn. I feel positive about my body and my baby bump. To add to that, less hair fall, shinier hair, a super smooth complexion, & a compliment generous hubby made  me almost gloat with happiness.
9. The fact that my little pumpkin gave me no trouble despite all my hospitalisations & repeated infections. He/she passed all tests with flying colours right from the first dating scan to the nuchal translucency scan to the anomaly scan, growth scan & the GD test. Touch wood.Probably is already in sync with mommy & knows mommy worries too much, so tried to keep the worrying to the minimum. We both have another exam to clear in the next few days & I hope & pray that we'll be just fine together.
10. J & me talk about our little one & we cant believe that we'll be parents to a sweet child. I always say "Imagine our love walking around". :) My bag is packed, peanut.
See you soon. 

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