Friday, October 25, 2013

33 weeks 3 days

Excited.. Nervous.. Bump's getting bigger everyday. Still have a few unmet cravings pending, like the hyderabadi onion samosa. My constant craving has been for The Masala Dosa. Went to CTR,Malleshwaram & happily munched on that yum dosa. Oh before I forget, Idli from Veena Stores is still to be ticked away from my list.
I walk almost everyday for 30 mins, beyond which I feel like crawling. A sore throat showed up on Sunday. I went into paranoia mode. Home remedies saved my life or so I'd like to presume. Today is Friday & I seem fine. Doc finally gave me the Go ahead to stop nebulisations.
Met OBG yesterday. She was happy with the growth but lil baby decided to snooze just when she wanted to do a bedside ultrasound. Dint move one bit. So now the as cool as a cucumber doc has asked me to keep an eye on movements. Cue enough to wake up paranoid worry wart mommy. Ofcourse there were some earth shattering moves today, but mommy wonders was that a movement or something else? Paranoid, worry wart mommy.
Still going to work. Very tempted to apply today so i can get out of college in a week's time. But then I feel fine. So have decided to go till the 36 th week. More time later is always a blessing.
The only downside of going to work is finding something to wear everyday. Every week, the what does not fit compartment of my wardrobe seems to be growing. Another downside is when I feel like sleeping at very odd times & putting your head on the desk is not an option anymore coz ur tummy gets in the way.
However, what's surprising is I sleep well in the night. Atleast, I have been so far. Most of these preggo guides, websites & mobile apps talk about sleepless nights. Ive been fine, in spite of waking up 4 times to go to the loo. The only issue is I find myself on my back & I have to consciously shift to the sides. Ofcourse now & then my back kills me, especially after a long day.
Now why am I writing all this. I want to remember every single detail later. When you ask other mums, they ve forgotten almost everything. I thought I wont be able to forget a single detail, when the other day someone asked me what folic acid supplements were given to me in the first trimester, & I had to think a little bit to answer them. Thats when I realised I am also going to be prone to new mum amnesia, when pregnancy seems like just something that happened long ago.
& finally for a sneak peek of my beautiful bump.Not too long now.