Tuesday, September 24, 2013

29 weeks !

I feel I've been pregnant for ages. Im tired of finding clothes to fit into & look reasonably presentable at work. and Im surprised, I still am sensitive to the "You have put on weight" comment. Duh! and 1 came from someone who has a 4 year old herself and has not managed to lose any of the 'weight' herself that she put on. I think it's one of those things people cannot help but say. It's like asking how are you? but come to think of it, wouldnt a simple 'how are you' do instead?
Minus all the weight blues, i love to wake up every morning & think another day has passed, and Im becoming a mommy! I love to wake up to the realization that I have a little one inside of me and feel my baby acknowledge his/her presence by giving me a nice nudge & a kick first thing when I wake up.
I love the fact that J is also so attentive & caring & I get foot massages every night without a grumble. :)
I have been nagging him to take a flattering pic of me & my bump and he has not still gotten around to it. I dont blame him coz he knows Im very difficult to please. He had a hard time before even when I was fit & fab ( allow me to say that) , now that Im 12 kgs heavier, he knows its a nightmare job.
But this weekend that's on the agenda & I will get a pic.
Meanwhile here's a link that I think you can enjoy & learn a little bit from.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

100 days to go! 25 weeks 5 days

My app says 100 days to go... almost nearing the end of the second trimester. My baby shower/seemanta/ godh bharai is happening on the 15th of September. I cannot believe that it's me who's the pregnant one. As a child, you dream of being the star of your birthday, eventually you move on to your big glitzy wedding.... but baby shower? Ive never thought about that. But now, here I am. Had to buy a 'green' saree that represents fertility. Im sure it will languish with my other sarees forever.
I also get back to work tomorrow, after a long break of 1 month. I m hoping to go to work without any breaks for the next 2 months & then take it easy in November. I just hope fate or destiny or whatever it is that usually has different plans for you, agrees with me.
Meanwhile im trying to fit my ever expanding tummy into my old clothes, the ones I wore prior to my running days. Most seem fine, but the trip to the maternity store for some real mommy clothes is looming somewhere around the corner.
Baby's kicking & moving about. I also think I felt hiccups or that's what all those books are telling me.Mr J is a little slow in picking up the movements but sometimes when baby is really energetic , it cant escape J too.
We both wonder at how our life's going to change. It was always the two of us. Now we have to accommodate the third one. Im kicked about it, but I also wonder how things will never be the same again.
There's some baby furniture to buy, but we have put that off to later.
Right now, the house is quiet. I can just hear the fans rotating, once in a while Sam or Pushpa scratch their ears or tails, and I can only hear the ratatatat of the keyboard as I type. I smile as I hope the silence will be broken soon. Id cherish it yet miss the silence . It's a strange feeling.But I know the chaos is what will make my house into a home, our twosome into a complete threesome. We'll be a family. with 3 beautiful dogs. :)
More on the doggy bit in another post. :)