Tuesday, September 24, 2013

29 weeks !

I feel I've been pregnant for ages. Im tired of finding clothes to fit into & look reasonably presentable at work. and Im surprised, I still am sensitive to the "You have put on weight" comment. Duh! and 1 came from someone who has a 4 year old herself and has not managed to lose any of the 'weight' herself that she put on. I think it's one of those things people cannot help but say. It's like asking how are you? but come to think of it, wouldnt a simple 'how are you' do instead?
Minus all the weight blues, i love to wake up every morning & think another day has passed, and Im becoming a mommy! I love to wake up to the realization that I have a little one inside of me and feel my baby acknowledge his/her presence by giving me a nice nudge & a kick first thing when I wake up.
I love the fact that J is also so attentive & caring & I get foot massages every night without a grumble. :)
I have been nagging him to take a flattering pic of me & my bump and he has not still gotten around to it. I dont blame him coz he knows Im very difficult to please. He had a hard time before even when I was fit & fab ( allow me to say that) , now that Im 12 kgs heavier, he knows its a nightmare job.
But this weekend that's on the agenda & I will get a pic.
Meanwhile here's a link that I think you can enjoy & learn a little bit from.

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