Friday, August 23, 2013

Month 6 - Week 23, Day 1

118 days to go or so my mobile phone app tells me... The big day is supposed to be around December 10th. Every morning I wake up & look at the app, although I know I shouldn't be surprised if tomorrow it says 117 days to go.
Yet, each passing day brings me joy.
I wasn't always like this, what I call the maternal types. Its been just a little over 3 years since we have been married, and in India, people start questioning your capability to reproduce just months into your marriage. I was really annoyed in the beginning. Eventually I got used to it. We were quite clear on that subject. We felt we were not ready yet & if that meant being questioned by random people,so be it.
The year 2013 started off on a special note for me. I took to running like Ive never taken to anything before. It was a beautiful 3 months of running with my first 10 K in the month of March. I also managed to participate in a flash mob at a popular mall, finished the 2013 version of The Great Indian Dog Show & was getting all prepped up for my next 10 K, The Pinkathon. I bought my brand new Nike shoes & went for a practice run, I figured I had slowed down. I dismissed it as lack of regular runs because of the busy month. I went for a couple more but I sensed something different. 2 days before the 10 k, I acted on a hunch & took the stick in with me at 5:00 am. I returned with a pale pink line, more blood tests later, I knew my precious one was very well on her/his way.
I skipped the 10 k. I was disappointed about it, I must admit.
But I couldnt mull on that much as I had to come to terms with the big changes that were just about to begin.
I weighed 60.5 kgs, was in top form, fit & ready to go.
& then I heard the heart beat.
That changed my life & made me the 'maternal type' in an instant.
The worry wart that I was & still am, I worried before every doc appointment. I was reassured by the heartbeat & ultrasound images. But in 2 weeks , Id be worrying again.
My first trimester went by mostly with my head over the sink, I struggled to keep in food. I had zero cravings. But I managed to eat. & throw up.
My second trimester began with the cooling off of nausea & vomiting, but I caught a cold, which turned into a lower respiratory infection, which then was asthma & then pneumonia. Month 4 & 5 saw me in the hospital twice, hooked on to the oxygen line, & face covered with the nebuliser mask for most parts of the day.
I was ordered off work.
But here I am, It's been a week since I came home from the hospital & I hope I don't go back there , until it's November end/ December.
Minus all of my health issues, my baby is beautiful & strong & getting bigger by the day. Touch wood. Yes, moms do crazy things like that, like say touch wood.
Im focusing on eating well & my mom is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that I get good meals every 3 hours. That's how hungry I am.
I weigh 67 kg now & for the first time in my life, I'm thrilled about that number. Another crazy mommy fact.
So I guess, people who were worried about J & me & our reproducing capability will be heaving sighs of relief & will move on to the next 'childless' couple. & will be back just in time to ask us about our plans to re emphasize our procreating capacity.
Today's special: I could see my belly move with the kicks. That was a first . :) 
My beautiful baby's first picture

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